Santa Fe Business Resources testimonials

"Polly has a genuine passion to help small businesses succeed on both a local and a national level. Her attention to detail, innovative thinking and entrepreneurial spirit make her valuable to any small business."      ~ Santa Fe Goldworks

"Polly White makes Social Media less intimidating. In many years of book promotion, working with Polly has been my best ever business investment! Her knowledge of the digital world is broad and deep, and she is especially skilled in customizing ones outreach to ones budget. She really listens and teaches, even as she achieves the desired results." ~ Elaine Pinkerton Coleman, author 

"Polly has been great working on and updating my website for the last couple of years. She is very capable, patient, and understanding while working with a computer neanderthal such as myself. Plus she is always well caffeinated."  ~ John Nash, Santa Fe Rainbarrels

"Polly's clear and focused intentions provided a stable foundation for her support of over 100 employees, while her engaged presence, high standards, and ethics were welcome qualities during weekly management meetings and in all interactions. Polly made sure everyone knew there was an open door for anyone wanting to seek her counsel. She was a true resource for anyone calling upon her for support. I consider it a true blessing to have worked with her."    ~J. Ellen, Blossom, former co-worker

"Ms. White is one of the most competent and diligent people that I have ever worked with. Her natural charisma and mastery of her trade compel confidence in her; I have always admired Ms. White's honesty, courage, and tenacity. I would recommend her to any client."  ~ D. Scott, former employee